Niagara Falls Castings (UK) Ltd

Rapid Prototyping Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

Wax Printing

The last few years have seen a steady rise in the use of computer software in the design and manufacture of jewellery. We have a comprehensive range of rapid prototyping equipment to meet every need. We can help at every stage of the process from initial design to perfect casting. Many of our customers have their own design software and we are able to offer a full bureau service for wax printing.

We can create 3D computer models from scratch using your design sketches or drawings. We can work from photographs but the more detail you can provide the better. We will send rendered images of models for approval before proceeding to build the wax.

Wax Printing

We build waxes using one of our three Solidscape wax printing machines.

JHW Casting JHW Casting

These rings were cast by NFC for Jo Hayes Ward directly from Solidscape waxes. The models are complex and the waxes quite fragile, presenting us with an excellent challenge.