Niagara Falls Castings (UK) Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of CAD files do you accept?

We can work with STL, 3DM and SLC files. We find that we get the best results with binary STL files that are exported at a resolution (triangle tolerance) of 0.001

The three images below show a simple band exported at a resolution of 0.1, 0.01 and 0.001

Cad Resolutions

In essence a higher resolution will use more triangles to create the file and give a smoother surface. The downside is that at high resolutions some models will produce very large files. The high resolution model shown here on the right is 1.75 megabytes. If you have problems sending large files a good solution is to upload the file to a site like Hightail.

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How do I send my CAD files to NFC?

Please email your CAD file to Files larger that 10 megabytes should be compressed in a ZIP file. If you cannot send large files please consider using a website like Hightail. We will check the integrity of your model on receipt and notify you of any possible problems before proceeding.

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Can you cast from my CAD waxes or resins?

We can cast directly from models produced by rapid prototyping. The best results are achieved with wax models that have either been milled or printed on Solidscape machines. Results with resin models can be variable. If in doubt we can make a cold cure silicone rubber mould of a resin model. We are experimenting with a new Very Low Temperature (VLT) vulcanising rubber that will allow us to make production vulcanised moulds directly from resin models.

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Will you cast my own waxes?

We are very happy to work with customers' own waxes. We can cast directly into the metal of choice or in the case of a hand carved wax that has taken many hours to create we would strongly recommend that a silicone rubber mould is made of the wax before casting. If you want to make a master model we can cast the wax into silver and return it for finishing (or you may wish to make use of our in-house model making facilities).

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Do you have any tips on spruing?

We have posted a 'Quick Guide to Spruing' in pdf format. You can download it here. We are happy to advise customers on sprue size and position. If you would prefer we can sprue your model for you for a modest charge.

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How much will my casting weigh?

Please use the table below to calculate an approximate cast weight from various materials.

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Material From Material To Calculation
Wax Sterling Silver X 10
Wax 9 Carat Yellow Gold X 11
Wax 14 Carat Yellow Gold X 12
Wax 18 Carat Yellow Gold X 16
Wax 18 Carat White Gold X 16.5
Wax 18 Carat White Gold HiPd X 17.5
Wax 22 Carat Yellow Gold X 22
Wax Palladium 950 X 12
Wax Platinum 950 X 22.5
Wax Bronzed X 8
Silver 9 Carat Yellow Gold x 1.1
Silver 18 Carat Yellow Gold x 1.6
Silver 18 Carat White Gold x 1.65
Silver Palladium 950 x 1.2
Silver Platinum 950 x 2.25
9 Carat Yellow Gold 9 Carat White Gold x 1.1
9 Carat Yellow Gold 18 Carat Yellow Gold x 1.4
9 Carat Yellow Gold Platinum x 2.1
14 Carat Yellow Gold 9 Carat Yellow Gold -13.5 x 11
18 Carat Yellow Gold Platinum x 1.5
18 Carat Yellow Gold 18 Carat White Gold ÷ 1.4 x 1.6
18 Carat White Gold 9 Carat Yellow Gold x 0.688
Pewter 9 Carat Yellow Gold x 1.6
Copper 9 Carat Yellow Gold x 1.3
Bronze 9 Carat Yellow Gold x 1.38
Steel 18 Carat Yellow Gold x 1.875
Lead Wax ÷ 11.35