Niagara Falls Castings (UK) Ltd


Precious Metal Refining

We will accept scrap for deposit to a gold account if it is clearly recognisable as our own castings and has not been altered or finished in any way. An additional 1% casting loss is deducted from accepted scrap.

Scrap materials containing gold are accepted on a refining basis. Floor sweep, lemel, stripping and scrap can all be processed. Processing time for sweep is about 10 working days, higher grade materials take proportionally less time.

Material sent for refining is reduced to a bar which is then sampled and assayed by a recognised independent Assay Office. A deduction (4% for scrap and 5% for sweep) is made to cover treatment, refining and assay. The fine metal is then credited to a gold account less the standard casting loss as instructed by the customer.

The minimum economical weight of scrap for refining is enough material to yield approximately 30 grams of fine gold.

For small quantities please phone or email for a quotation.